Pablanos/Poblanos and What to do With Them

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Poblano Peppers are usually used in sauces, salsas, and stuffing mixes. The membranes and seeds of Poblano peppers is where most of the heat is found. So, if you don’t want it to be quite so spicy, be sure to take the veins and seeds out before using the pepper.

To Poblano peppers it is best to roast them with a little olive oil or grill them until they are soft enough to peel the skin from the pepper. To do this without a lot of hassle it is best to roast the Poblanos with a little olive oil then place them in a bowl covered with plastic wrap so the steam helps to separate the skin from the flesh. Before long the skin will be soft enough to peel off in sheets. Some recipes will call for searing Poblanos until the skin is black by placing them in a broiler or over an open flame.

Poblanos can be stored and even frozen in airtight containers for many months until you are ready to use them. You can also choose to dry the peppers out for later use. Dried Poblanos are also known as Ancho chiles, which means wide chile in the Spanish language. They are given this name because when Poblano peppers are dried they become very flat, wide, and heart-shaped.

Pablano/Poblano Holiday Recipes

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Not many people associate the holidays with peppers or spicy dishes, but the recipes are out there, and we have posted some of our favorites for you to enjoy!

Pumpkin Poblano Corn Pudding
This gluten-free and vegetarian recipe comes from the Whole Foods Market Cookbook and is the perfect addition to any holiday meal. You can even make it a 100% homemade recipe by using the included recipe for creamed corn instead of using the canned creamed corn that the recipe calls for.

Turkey Mole Poblano Recipe
This Mexican holiday classic recipe uses all that leftover turkey that you just don’t know what to do with. There is a legend behind this popular Mexican dish that says it was created by nuns from the Order of Santa Rosa who wanted to impress an undesirable church official from Mexico City in the 17h century. Now the dish is said to be the national dish of Mexico!

Green Poblano Rice (arroz verde al poblano)
This festively colored rice can be used with many dishes as a base to serve your fish or meat on or as a flavorful side dish to something that needs a little touch of green, green chilies that is.

Roasted Poblano Gravy
And Other Southwestern Holiday Recipes
Based on turkey drippings and poblano chilies, this spicy gravy will give your holiday bird and potatoes a kick!

Roast Turkey Adobado W/ Smoked Poblano-Chestnut-Portobello Stuffing has a spicy marinade recipe for your bird that is complete with the perfect stuffing recipe with a kick to fill your bird, and your belly!

Turkey-Poblano Tostadas
Not sure what to do with all that leftover turkey? Check out this quick and easy recipe good for lunch or a light dinner.

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